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Cedar Glen Piano Movers


Big Deahl’s Movers: Piano Movers in Cedar Glen

How Many People Does It Take to Move a Piano?
Piano Moving Cedar Glen CA – Pianos are tough to move, no matter how many friends you have helping out. Not only are they expensive, beautiful, fragile, and extremely heavy; they’re also often important pieces of family history passed down for generations.

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Trusting a piano moving company to handle the complex job of, disassembling, transporting and relocating such a unique item isn’t easy.
That’s Why You Need Specialized Piano Moving Services in Cedar Glen— That Are up To the Task.

Best Piano Movers in Cedar Glen, California

Big Deahl’s Movers isn’t just another moving company; we’ve been operating in and around Cedar Glen for over a decade!

In that time our certified movers have had the chance to handle hundreds of piano removals and installations.
From Spinets to Concert Grands, in cramped spaces and on the largest stages; at Big Deahl’s Movers we’ve handled the complicated process of piano moving in pretty much every scenario you could imagine.
Now we can bring that same diligence and experience to the task of moving your piano in Cedar Glen CA.

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The Piano Moving Process
Contact us and let us know your piano moving requirements, where you live currently in Cedar Glen CA, and where you’re moving to.
We’ll provide you with an estimate that takes into account, the weight, distance, and number of movers required for your job.
Set up an appointment and our trained service team will show up at your doorstep, to assess your specific piano moving requirements.
Pianos are top-heavy, with fragile legs. So, there might be the need for some disassembly to ensure safe removal depending on the dimensions of your home.
But don’t worry! We have all the tools and skills necessary to carry out any handiwork safely.
We strap and secure your piano to a dolly, then move it to our truck.
Once we’ve handled the transportation, we’ll place the piano as instructed and take care of any re-assembly.

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Make payment, and you’re done. As simple as that!
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Looking for Piano Moving Cedar Glen CA Specialists?
Then What Are You Waiting For?
Make your move and fill out our simple service form below, or call us now!
Moving charges are calculated by truck size, labor, man power and miles/distanced traveled. Every client and move are unique. Your best bet is to give us a call regarding your move. The more details we have the better estimate we can give you.

Cedar Glen Piano Movers
Cedar Glen Piano Movers
Cedar Glen Piano Movers