Secret Confession Of A Handyman

How many of you have ordered furniture online or purchased big items from stores like IKEATarget, or , that say, "Assembly Required," on the box? I suppose if you shop at a store like IKEA, you walk in with the knowledge that you will most likely walk out with furniture that you have to put together yourself. But, maybe not.

A bag of screws, three separate sheets of directions in four different languages, no pictures, or sometimes there are pictures, but no words, only numbers. Match the numbers on the pictures with the items in the bag, follow each step by step, and take your time, even if it takes you hours. And hopefully you have the correct tools in your garage, or tool drawer/box. At minimum, you need a screwdriver, hammer, and extra screws and nails, just in case.

But what about tools you might not have laying around the house, such as a level or an electric screwdriver? You can always go purchase them, which can be a good investment.

Or what if you can simply hire someone to assemble the items for you? Someone who has years of experience, and can put it together quickly, while you rest on the couch, sip some tea, and catch up on your favorite TV show, or better yet, spend that extra time checking off your endless to-do list? You can do so many things in exchange for the time it will take to put your furniture and items together.

At Big Deahl's Movers, we understand that assembling furniture or big items can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That is why we go out of our way to provide prompt, efficient service, and alleviate you from the workload!

Here are some examples of items we have experience assembling:

Home gym equipment

Storage sheds
BBQ grills
Beds and bunk beds
Office desks and chairs

Let Big Deahl's Movers assist you with any and all furniture assembly needs! Call us today for more information on services or to request an estimate.