Find Out More About Our Moving Company


Hello I’m Gregory Fluker General Manager of Big Deahl’s Movers. I entered the logistics industry in 1996, while in my 4th year working for Target Corporation. Over the next 10 years I gained intricate skill and knowledge about the efficiency of moving cartons and containers. I have since built upon that foundation through the experience of professional in-home furniture delivery and thousands of residential and commercial moves at Big Deahl’s Movers. During this time, I had the opportunity to take part in the most prepared moves you could imagine and many moves that could have benefited from tips that we will be sharing with your customers. Big Deahl’s Movers specializes in matching the best moving crew to meet the customer needs. Whether you need pro movers, piano
movers, gun safe moving techs, pool table specialist or just some strong team work to get things moved around in the house, storage and office.


What we like to do for all our customers is to provide our best recommendation on truck and crew sizes they may need. Based upon the size of your home, moving inventory and distance to your new destination. This way we can help make the move as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Then we will go ahead and send out an email of our price rates for you to review.

We look forward to working with you!