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Moving a safe or fire-proof cabinet requires specialist equipment and highly trained operatives if it is to be completed without incident. Our dedicated team of expert Safe mover will handle every aspect of the move from the initial planning and risk assessment, to secure reinstatement at the new location.

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Big Deahl’s Movers provide specialty moving services that involve heavy over-sized bulky items which require special equipment in order for it to be moved both properly and safely. One of the items we provide specialised equipment for is for heavy safe moves.

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Big Deahl’s Movers safe moving provides custom delivery and moving solutions for your safe. Safe delivery is not always a simple task. Safe manufactures have applied safety features in modern safes that the average moving company just doesn’t understand. Most moving companies will treat a safe like any other piece of furniture; which can cause problems. Often time’s improper movement, storage, transit and even the dropping of the safe from one stair to the next can result in having to call for repairs. These repairs include replacement of the safe door, or the entire safe completely.

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With over a decade of hands-on experience, Big Deahl’s Movers personnel are seasoned in all aspects of credit union re-locations, ensuring that confidentiality, security, and safety are maintained at the highest standards at all times. With the on-going merger of branches, Big Deahl’s Movers’s management is knowledgeable of job-site visits, as well as vault and security layout drawings for new branches.

We are the largest residential safe delivery and installation operation in Moreno Valley, CA. With over the years of combined personal experience, our extensive knowledge and safety record has been the foundation to our success. Safe moving is our specialty!

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Big Deahl’s Movers is a bonded, insured, and federally licensed moving company based in Colton, CA. Since most of our moves are done within a 100 mile radius of Colton, CA, much of this website is devoted to local moving, moving supplies, and special item moving.

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Big Deahl’s Movers is a safe moving expert. Specializing as a Vault mover, gun safe movers, and antique safe mover in Colton, CA. We are dedicated to our clients and understand that every move is different and unique. We take great pride in our service at work and are not happy unless you are. Our experienced staff does whatever it takes to please our customers.

Colton Safe Movers
Colton Safe Movers
Colton Safe Movers