Older adults, compared to their younger counterparts are less likely to move but more inclined to downsize or rightsize their living environment when relocation does occur. The mental and physical hurdles that come with senior downsizing can challenge individuals, family members, and caregivers in a multitude of ways. What to save, newer items or your most used items?  When downsizing, taking everything is not an option. What memorabilia will you keep, digitize, put in storage, sell, donate or throw away? Sentiment can hinder the rightsizing process more than people realize. The days of getting a U-Haul and a few friends to help move are gone; do you want a moving company that is reputable but also experienced with senior relocation? The above questions are just a few of the many things to keep in mind, and while it all may seem overwhelming from a micro viewpoint, the macro perspective is that of a simple and stress-free living environment regardless of the reason for the move. Below is some advice that will help you or a loved one when the time comes for senior relocating and downsizing. Know Your Reason For Rightsizing Understanding the exact reason for reduction will guide you towards the next important decision, what type of senior downsizing living option will you choose? Typical Reasons To Downsize For Seniors

  • Health: For those with or have a spouse with ongoing health issues, aging in place may not be an option. Unfortunately, this tends to be a forced downsize for seniors.
  • Living Costs: One of the quickest ways to reduce the cost of living is to go from a big/medium house or apartment to a smaller one. For some seniors, it’s not the size of their living space it’s the economy of it.
  • Loved Ones: Being closer to family members or friends is as good of a reason as any to downsize and to counter any social isolation.

Senior Downsizing Housing Options   Downsizing your housing condition can come in many forms depending on your situation. As always, you should use due diligence (cost, privacy, reputation, and safety) for whatever option you choose. Senior Niche Communities This types of older adult community focus on individuals with specific interests. Be it occupation, hobby, or lifestyle; these niche communities have the amenities, safety, and like-minded individuals to make it a popular choice for seniors that need little or no added living assistance. Depending on the services offered or required, costs will vary from one community to the next. Here are a few themed communities that may be available in your area:

  • Veterans
  • Spiritual
  • Golfing
  • Luxury
  • Cultural

Assisted Living Facilities Assisted living facilities help with daily activities such as cooking, bathing, housekeeping, etc., but not as much with medical care. Residencies have either a private or semi-private bedroom while sharing other areas. Services and costs vary from one facility to another. Nursing Homes Nursing homes provide the same essential services as assisted living facilities but also offer quality medical care for those with complicated health issues. With semi and private rooms available and 24-hour supervision, this option tends to be one of the priciest. Senior Co-Housing Senior Co-housing is an excellent alternative for older adults that would like ownership of their community and how it’s managed, works similar to a homeowners association. This type of senior housing requires you to buy stock and become a shareholder. While it is not one of the cheaper choices because of the stock and monthly payments, it is a popular option because of the community empowerment and having all types of amenities and services without the maintenance of owning a home. Co-Housing Directory for CaliforniaSenior Homeshare Homesharing is nothing new with older adults. Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and Dorothy (Golden Girls) made it trendy years ago. Naturally, two or more people buy/rent a house or apartment together and reap the benefits of cost-saving, companionship, extra security, and more — the perfect solution for those that want to age in place or stay in the same community. Sites like Silver Nest help seniors connect with others that would like to cohabitate. Multigenerational Housing Everybody under one roof again may seem to be a little daunting at first but putting the parents, kids, and the grandkids under one roof might be an ideal situation. Assuming you have the available room, bringing in additional finances if your parent(s) or loved one were paying their living expenses or savings if you were paying their living costs will be in the thousands. If a loved one needs long-term care but not needing a nursing home or assisted living facility, group family living will still save you money even if you needed a part-time caregiver. There are even multi-generational homes for sale as this trend is now becoming a norm. A Pew Research Analysis states “a record 64 million Americans live in a multi-generational household.” As long as everyone is on the same page, this is a practical and economical option. Continuing Care Retirement Community CCRC’s are communities that are part of skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living. For seniors who want to live the rest of their life in one location and have most of their long-term care decided, CCRC is for you. With that said, this is possibly one of the highest costs of all the senior housing options mentioned. Senior Moving Services Whether it is to cut living costs, be closer to family, simplify a lifestyle or perhaps a medical need arises, many seniors understand that a day to downsize will come. Big Deahl’s Movers understands how senior housing downsizing can have an emotional and physical effect on older adults. We specialize in senior relocation and can customize the right services for you while guiding you through an entire stress-free moving process. Some of our services:

  • Loading & Unloading
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Large Item Moving & Storage (Pianos, Pool Tables, Safes, etc.)
  • High-Value Item Crating (Jewelry, Antiques, Precious Metals, etc.)
  • Cleaning Services
  • Full-Service Moving Available

If your senior downsizing calls for you to move down the street or across the state, please contact us or call (909) 325-7249 to speak with a moving representative.