Did we turn our clocks forward or back?

Well, if you can remember this phrase: “Spring Forward and Fall Back,” then you will know to set your clock an hour ahead in the Spring, and an hour back in the Fall.

If you own a smartphone and are like me, you use that phone for everything, including your alarm. Lucky for us, our phones sync automatically. It’s your watch, stove, microwave, car, and wall clocks that you have to adjust. Now a weeks gone by!! Okay, maybe that is still a lot of effort and clocks to remember.

Many people like to think of Daylight Savings Time as losing an hour, but on the flip side, you also gain an hour of evening daylight. And if sunlight affects your mood in a positive way, that just means more happiness from Spring through Summer!

And who doesn’t want more happiness?

Happiness inspires productivity, good vibes, connections, and more activities! The weather is warmer (well at least in Southern California), which opens the doors to opportunities to enjoy time outdoors. Whether it’s at the beach, park, or your backyard, spending time in nature can offer many benefits including better health and wellness.

And how about all of the friends and family you can invite to soak in the sun with you?

Additionally, if you are moving this Spring or Summer, that also translates into more sunlight after working hours. We know how much energy it takes to pack after a long day on the job! I don’t know about you, but I know that when I get home when it’s dark, I am tempted to throw on my pajamas, hop in my bed, and sleep! However, when the sun is still out, I am motivated to knock out everything on my to-do list.

And if the sunrays make our movers happier, stronger, and more productive, even better!

So, we have more sunlight, more energy, more ideas, it’s time to take action and write a list of activities you can do to take advantage of Daylight Savings Time.

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to see?

What items do you want to check off of your list?


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