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Earp Safe Movers

Big Deahl’s Movers Safe Moving
to Big Deahl’s Movers! We can pick up and move safes that weight up to 2,250lbs. Moving a safe requires the right equipment, manpower and experience. Please take a minute to read this entire page. Every moving situation is different and requires different dollies, level of service (for example garage to garage or new wood floors to tile flooring etc..). Of all the things that we move (if your browse this site, you’ll see that we move many things/items), safes are by far the heaviest and therefore require the most attention to detail.

Big Deahl’s Movers: Safe Movers in Earp

Not because safes are delicate, they are the exact opposite, but due to the weight, they put a tremendous amount of pressure on whatever surface they pass/travel though. This is why it is extremely important that we get as much information about the safe (usually the brand and model number is enough) and both properties. We need to make sure that the right tools, moving equipment, floor protection and amount of manpower is provided. Simply put, we prefer to know how your safe is going to be moved before we even get to the pick up location.

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Just remember, if you feel that a safe moving company is asking a lot of info, (yes, it can be overwhelming having to answer all these questions etc..) it’s nothing compared to hiring a mover that did not ask these questions, shows up with an appliance dolly, doesn’t have floor protective panels and blankets, shows up without the right amount of helpers, uses a pick up truck etc…

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Our goal is to make sure that your safe is delivered without damage to your safe or floors. There are quite a few different pieces of equipment needed to move a safe the right way. As you can see by looking at our images, a different dolly is used based on the:
1. Weight
2. Type of the safe
3. Type of flooring: Cement, Grass, Terrain, Gravel, Wood floors, Linoleum etc…
4. Type of access: Stairs, Elevators, Loading Docks, Incline/North Palm Springs

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Do not attempt to move a safe on your own if it weighs over 250lbs. We hear it a lot “I was thinking about getting a friend and renting a Uhaul and dolly”. Although possible, using a ramp with the wrong dolly (Uhaul Appliance Dolly) that does not meet the safety requirements or weight capacity can be dangerous. One dolly can not handle it all. It depends on the safe, truck, access (ground floor/stairs etc) and clearance (narrows point/door entry width).

Moving into a new location? Don’t stress it and make your moving process a breeze! Let our experts handle the heavy lifting for you and get moving with a lorry of your choice.

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Please take a minute to scroll down and see our equipment in action. There is at least 5 different kind of dollies being used in various situation.
Give us a call. We provide a flat rate and do our best to work around your schedule.

Earp Safe Movers
Earp Safe Movers
Earp Safe Movers