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Hemet Furniture Movers

Heavy Furniture Movers
At Big Deahl’s Movers, our goal is to provide the customer with complete peace of mind no matter how big the job. When it’s time to move heavy furniture , the obvious question is how to safely do so. Heavy furniture can easily damage other items, or people, if it’s not handled properly.

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If you’re moving across the state, across Hemet CA, you can count on us to safely load and transport your sofa, ottoman, king bed, or entertainment system. We know how to lift and move these items safely, and we know how to load heavy furniture onto one of our moving vans and secure it for the long journey.
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A heavy piece of furniture such as a large-size easy chair is composed of a metal frame, locking mechanisms, springs, cushions, and floor supports. It may be rather difficult to disassemble it, meaning that it will have to be moved as a single piece. If it’s lifted incorrectly, it can suddenly spring open, with the foot rest popping out and snagging on the floor. There goes an expensive piece of furniture.

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In preparation for moving, we ask that you let us know exactly what pieces of furniture need to be loaded onto our trucks. In some cases, we’ll even come out to your home or business and inspect the furniture beforehand. These precautionary steps help to make the move go smoothly and efficiently. We’ll know exactly what equipment to bring and the number of staff required to lift and move your heavy furniture.

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Remember too, heavy furniture can be of any size and shape, so we need to figure out a loading plan. This is customized for each pickup and transport. Some movers don’t bother to take this step, and this results in wasted space on the moving van. We won’t leave you paying for dead truck space because we train our field agents how to efficiently pack large furniture items on our trucks.

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Specialty Services
We aren’t just heavy furniture movers who target customers needing to transport all household items. Our Micro Movers can also help you move a single item from your living room to an outdoor shed, to your garage, and even to your local storage unit. In fact, we offer short-term storage of any item you need moved out of the house or office. This includes sofas, bunk beds, china cabinets, cedar chests, and more.

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We also provide you with all the supplies you’ll need to pack your smaller items while we load your heavy furniture. We have all the different sizes of packing boxes and crates, and we come to your home or office equipped with packing tapes, bubble wrap, and even packing labels.
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We’ll do the job right. You won’t have to worry about damage to your heavy furniture or appliances. We even have affordable insurance plans if your item is quite valuable.

Call Big Deahl’s Movers today to get an honest moving estimate from one of the most trusted local and long-distance movers in all of Hemet.

Hemet Furniture Movers
Hemet Furniture Movers
Hemet Furniture Movers