It’s time to move, and you feel as though you’re embarking on a grand adventure. At the same time, however, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the moving options out there. What’s the least expensive way to handle your move with the least amount of trouble? How do you get the most bang for your buck? Do you need to hire local movers, or rent a truck yourself? Many people assume that hiring an all-in-one moving service is the most effective way to handle the moving process. The truth, however, is that in many cases, hiring moving laborers can save you a significant amount of money.

Moving Laborers and a Truck Versus All-in-One Services

What are you using to handle your moving needs? Are you planning to shove everything into a truck in one fell swoop, or are you planning to pick up a portable moving container, load it over several days, and then move it to your new location? Carefully consider how you plan to handle your move, then consider how hiring truck loaders can help save you money.

All-in-one companies often charge huge fees to keep your possessions for extra days. In many cases, you may find that you need to store your possessions for a few days as you move. You may be driving across the country or even across the state at a slower rate than your movers, especially if you need to transport children and pets who need regular restroom breaks. You might need to wait a few days before you’re able to move into your new home. If you opt for an all-in-one company, they want their truck back as soon as possible, which means that you must either a) pay for storage for your possessions or b) pay the company to hold those items.

It adds up fast!

Instead, consider hiring a portable storage container company. These containers are designed to hold your p

.ossessions for several days or weeks as needed, then allow you to unload them at your convenience–often at a far lower cost. Then, hire experienced movers to help unload your possessions when you’re ready to move into your new home. Instant savings! Need to know more about how to choose the right portable container for your move? Check out this post.

All-in-one companies want you to move all at once. You may need to pack boxes and load them into the truck or storage container over several days, especially if your home has limited space. Unfortunately, all-in-one companies want you to do all of your packings, then let them handle the hauling and the moving.


Are you tired of tripping over boxes?


Do you need space in your home again?


Consider the benefits of renting a storage container or truck for a few days, then hiring moving laborers to handle the bigger items. You’ll save plenty of money in the process–not to mention making the entire move smoother.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy and Movers

Moving can be a delicate time for your possessions. Items that are normally stored safely within your house are suddenly being packed up, bounced around in a truck, and unpacked again when you reach your new home. While everyone is careful to pack important possessions as safe as possible, accidents do happen!

What happens if your moving truck is in an accident on the way to your new home?

What if your movers cause unintentional damage to your possessions?

It’s important to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what it will cover if your possessions are damaged during your move. Chances are, there’s a line in your policy that will tell you what it covers–and it’s important to know what it says. Contact your insurance agent and ask:

  • What’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy during your move? Does it cover theft? Accidents? Damage to your possessions?
  • Can you add a rider to your policy to temporarily increase your coverage during the move?
  • Do you have specific coverage for important items that could be damaged during the moving process–expensive paintings or jewelry, for example?

Often, your homeowner’s insurance policy will be more forgiving when you hire experienced truck loaders than if you hire all-in-one movers who come in and do the packing for you.

Rental Trucks: On Hand and Available

Once, the most practical way to handle a move was hiring a moving company. Moving trucks were difficult to find, and even if you were able to rent one, you might have to bring it straight back to its starting point when you were done–which can be a real challenge when you’re handling a long-distance move.

Not so anymore!

Today, there are moving trucks available everywhere. Many companies have rental options that will allow you to pick a truck up at one location and return it to another one–one that’s more convenient for you when you reach your destination.

Even better, you can choose to rent a storage container: fill it up, pack it carefully, and the company will move it to your new home for you.

Those move-it-yourself options, however, may leave you struggling to move larger items, including furniture and heavy boxes. This is particularly true if you’re making a long-distance move and don’t have friends and family members waiting at the other end to help.

Enter moving laborers like the crew at Big Deahl’s Movers. Whether you choose local movers who are at your destination or look for truck loaders who will help load and unload your container at both ends of the trip, experienced movers are the final piece of the puzzle that will make your move easier for the entire family. Hire them to move that heavy furniture, haul boxes, and place everything in a storage container or truck or inside your new home: it’s the perfect solution for all your moving needs.

If you’re ready to move and need experienced moving laborers who will help ensure that your possessions are protected while freeing up your time to handle the rest of your move, please contact us. From local moves to long-distance options, we’re here to offer increased convenience for the entire moving process. You get the truck or the storage container; we’ll supply the muscle–and save you money in the process. Do you need more help choosing the right truck for your move? Check out our post on the Top 5 Rental Truck Companies to learn more.