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Indio Local Movers

Local Movers: Big Deahl’s Movers

Big Deahl’s Movers: Local Movers in Indio

If you’re moving down the block or across the county, movers define it as a local move. Even though you’re not going that far, a licensed, reliable, and affordable moving company is a vital element of your intrastate move. When seeking estimates, it’s important to know what a local move is and how it’s PRICEd.

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What is considered a local move?
Compared to a long-distance move, where you’re moving hundreds or thousands of miles, a local move is faster and cheaper. A move is considered “local” if:
• The move begins and ends within the same state. There is typically no more than 50 miles between the two locations.
• Both locations will be serviced on the same day by the same crew.
• Billable time begins on arrival at the origin and ends on completion at the destination.

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It is important to note that some moving companies consider a 100-mile distance between the two locations a local move. Regardless of the distance, if the moving company travels into another state at any point, the move would then be considered long distance.

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How much does a local move cost?
While PRICEs may vary depending on the moving company and the specific needs of the person moving, a local move is typically charged at a flat, hourly rate. Factors that affect the hourly rate include:
• Labor (the crew needed for the move)
• Services (packing, assembling/disassembling, star carries, long carries)
• Add-ons (mattress bags, stretch wrap, pads)
• Travel (time, gas, and tolls)
Why should I hire Big Deahl’s Movers?
There are many benefits of hiring movers, regardless of the distance between your current and new home. These are professionals who do the heavy lifting with ease and protect all your belongings, big and small, sentimental and valuable, from damage or destruction.

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They come prepared with the materials, equipment, and transportation to move you in a matter of hours. When weighing the options between hiring local movers , or saving money and doing it yourself, ask yourself these questions:
• Do you have a group of reliable friends to help you pack and move on the date you need to?
• Can these friends lift heavy furniture, like a 200-pound dresser, down the stairs and out of the house, without damaging the piece or any walls?
• Do you feel comfortable driving a large moving van across the state?
Are you ready to move? Get free estimates from licensed and insured moving company – Big Deahl’s Movers.

Indio Local Movers
Indio Local Movers
Indio Local Movers