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Long Beach Furniture-Assembly Movers

Disassemble, move and reassemble Furniture – for your home or business.
We can Assemble and disassemble your furniture , move it to a new destination and then reassemble it at its new home. No missing parts, no confusion, and no time wasted.

Big Deahl’s Movers: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Long Beach

Because the furniture is taken to pieces for transportation it can be transported in the quickest, most efficient and cheapest way possible – a huge reduction in the cost of moving!
We can move your furniture from the smallest and pokiest apartment or the roomiest and largest residential home. We can handle a fast paced office or a large commercial premise. Time critical and cost effective moves are what we specialize in.

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Our team of expert and professional craftsmen and furniture assemblers can take apart and put together any and all types and makes of furniture – not just flat pack and “ready to assemble” furniture.
There is more to it than just knowing how to use a screwdriver. Furniture is manufactured and put together in a very wide range of ways.
Materials, parts and techniques vary from manufacturer to maker to craftsman. They also vary over time. A prestigious office desk made in 1950 is a very different proposition from a IKEA lounge suite. A modern metal display case is very different from your grandmother’s dearly loved baby’s bassinet made of wood.

Best Furniture-Assembly Movers in Long Beach California

Have you ever disassembled commercial shelving units and realized that you have no idea how to put it back together again at the other end?
Expertise (and sometimes specialized tools) is needed to properly disassemble furniture without causing damage. This is even more the case in reassembling it. Have The Big Deahl’s Movers move your house, office or business with confidence, care and expertise

Long Beach Furniture-Assembly Movers Near Me

Have you ever tried to move that antique lounge suite to a new home and been unable to get it out the front door because you can’t work out how to get the casters off?
You don’t ever need to step outside your door. Your entire home office setup can be done in one day! Be up and running in no time! We can pick up your pre-assembled and Big Deahl’s Movers furniture from the manufacturer or supplier. Deliver it to you and then assemble it to your exact needs and specifications.

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The Big Deahl’s Movers is a business servicing the Long Beach, CA areas. Our attention to detail, expertise and the years of accumulated experience by our team of professional furniture assemblers means that we are both quick and sure. That means we spend far less time than other companies to assemble your furniture perfectly and we can pass the savings onto you!

We will always deliver the best service at the very best PRICE.
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Long Beach Furniture-Assembly Movers
Long Beach Furniture-Assembly Movers
Long Beach Furniture-Assembly Movers