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Lucerne Valley Safe Movers

Safe Moving and Installation
Big Deahl’s Movers of Lucerne Valley, CA has the equipment and the experience to safely move and install your safe. Gun Safes, Jewelry Safes, Vault Doors, Security Chest’s No problem we have done them all.

Big Deahl’s Movers: Safe Movers in Lucerne Valley

We offer both Installation and Safe Moving services. When you purchase a safe from us we will install the safe into your home. Those PRICEs and services are listed below. You can see the installation charges at checkout before you enter any payment information. If you need us to move a safe from one location to another then please click the request a quote button and we will get you a quote as quickly as possible.

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Delivering a safe can be a complicated and difficult process. Big Deahl’s Movers of Lucerne Valley, CA has the trained professionals as well as the equipment specifically designed for safes. Even with the proper training and equipment, safes don’t flex, so we need to determine the amount of space needed to allow your safe to fit and our equipment to function.

Best Safe Movers in Lucerne Valley, California

Here are a few easy guidelines to follow.
Doorways—must be 0.5” wider than the safe (handle included)
Hallways / Stairs—must be 2” wider than the safe (handle included)
Up or down Stairs placement –needs to have a landing at the bottom of the stairs that is 12” wider than the safe from the wall to the step. The landing after the top step needs to be 28” wider than the safe from the wall to the step.
It is always a good idea to have an alternate location picked out for your safe. Experience has showed us that safes do not always fit where you would prefer them.
Please feel free to call us with any questions – (909) 308-5795

To get your safe ready, first remove all items. Then close the door and lock it so there is no chance it can swing out during the move. Wrap heavy moving blankets around the entire safe and tape these down with packing tape. There should be no metal showing.

Lucerne Valley Safe Movers Near Me

The best way to move a large, heavy safe is to find professional movers who know how to move a safe and get them to do it for you. Whether you are moving locations in a room or moving across the country, Big Deahl’s Movers will help you get ready to move your safe properly. Have a happy and safe move!

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If you’re moving, don’t trust your safe to just anyone. Call Big Deahl’s Movers today to learn more about our safe moving services.

Lucerne Valley Safe Movers
Lucerne Valley Safe Movers
Lucerne Valley Safe Movers