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Orange City

Population: 137,264 million (2021)

County: North Orange County

Postal Codes:  92856    92869

Orange City

City in California

Orange is a city located in North Orange County, California. It is approximately 3 miles north of the county seat, Santa Ana. Orange is unusual in this region because many of the homes in its Old Town District were built before 1920.

The City of Orange is a distinctive example of urban development located close to the Santa Ana River. The city’s heart is located around a circle and is shaped like an orange! The circle surrounds Orange’s central Plaza Park, the location of the yearly Orange International Street Fair. This event honors the city’s ethnic variety and is the result of community initiatives to improve the aesthetics of the City for Orange Circle. All of today’s revenues from this unique event support neighborhood nonprofits. The Orange Circle Antique Mall attracts tourists from all over Southern California to this region, which is in the center of Old Town Orange.

The City of Orange, which should not be mistaken for the County of Orange, is located in the same county but unquestionably has its own personality. Orange is a quaint and appealing change of pace from the rush and bustle of many Southern Californian cities. This is the place for you if you want to go away from a larger metropolis like Los Angeles or if you want to enjoy all the positive aspects of living in Southern California without many of the drawbacks. Orange is not only chiller but also more career-driven, residents take the time to enjoy life.
It is a part of the well-known Orange County, or the O.C., which is known for its world-class surfing, stunning beaches, hiking options along the coast, fine dining, and upscale shopping.

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When you are planning the move of your home, we know that your first and foremost priority is the safety of your valuable possessions. To make this possible, you have to hire a reputable moving company. Big Deahl’s Movers Orange, California knows what the importance of a home is and we fulfill our duty as it is our own home. Our movers have years of experience and are trained and insured in moving every size of home from large condos to small apartments in Orange, California. The expert team of packers will pack up all your household possessions in high-quality packing materials to make sure your belongings are well protected during the move. We can also do packing expertly of the fragile items and all types of bulky or glass furniture. The furniture will be blanket-wrapped or bubble-wrapped carefully. Strong movers of Big Deahl’s Movers Orange, California will load up heavy items, small possessions and fragile valuables onto the trucks with a high level of precaution. We have the best transportation services, in which we will carefully and smoothly transport all your possessions to the new home and will make your home move the happiest move ever in Orange, California.

Searching for long-distance moving services in Orange, California?

Whether you are moving to the neighboring county or state, moving anywhere out of state can be an overwhelming experience if does not planned and handled professionally. Handling the whole process on your own can be exhausting because there is a lot on your plate to deal with. Big Deahl’s Movers Orange, California specializes in professional long-distance moving services. We will assign you an experienced moving coordinator who will create the plan for your cross-county move and will team up with the expert mover who will be there with you from the start to finish. So, you can trust all your belongings to stay in the same hands for a safe and secure move. Teams of our company are aware of the value of time, so they always arrive for loading, unloading, transportation, and other services at exactly the decided time without delay.

Need a safe place for the things you love?

If you do not have room for some of your belongings it does not mean that they are useless and you do not love them. You just need some extra space for them, here Big Deahl’s Movers Orange, California has plenty of storage options for you. Save the belongings you love by sending them to us until you are ready for them again.  We will keep your possessions in climate-controlled storage houses. We also provide long-term and short-term storage for your commercial and residential needs. Your items will be kept in the fully secure storage space under the security of 24/7 surveillance cameras and fire alarms in Orange, California.

Easy Packing Tips

  • Use suitcases to pack things that cannot easily lift.
  • You can label boxes with their contents.
  • Be extra careful with your fragile boxes.
  • Pack small hardware in a sealable bag and label it.
  • Stack your boxes in a corner in every room and save your money by reducing loading time.

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