“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, thy leaves are so unchanging”

Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday season. We have options of purchasing a real tree or an artificial one, but for the purposes of this blog, we will focus on real trees straight from Mother Earth.

So where do we get one, how do we get it to our homes, and how do we handle it with care?

Well, I am so glad you asked!

Tip #1: Do your research

There are so many places to purchase a Christmas tree.  Here are a few:

  • The National Christmas Tree Association has a search engine that provides you with a list of tree farms and lots near you.
  • There are choose-and-cut farms, where you can pick out a tree, and an attendant cuts it down for you, or you might also be lucky enough to cut it down yourself!
  • Home Depot and Lowe’s have a big selection usually set up in their parking lot

Wherever you choose to get your tree, ask the attendant as many questions as you can about the tree species, care, and ask them to shake the tree for you. If the pine needles fall off, that means the tree is dry and may need a resurrection. Usually, they are able to cut the trunk, and possibly put it in the stand before you walk off of the lot with it.

So you’ve done your research and picked out a tree, now what?

Tip #2: Find a friend or family member to help you transport it to your house

Or call us!

It’s always possible to do it by yourself, but it’s much more efficient when you have help.

So once you strap it on the roof of your compact car or in the back of a friend’s pickup truck, it’s time to lug it inside to spend hours decorating it with colorful ornaments, while singing Christmas Carols and drinking egg nog (or not).

So, the lights are on, ornaments are shining, the angel is smiling on top of your tree, now what?

Well, of course you have to invite friends and family over to indulge in your freshly baked cookies, while snapchatting near your Pinterest-worthy Christmas tree.

But first, before all of the festivities, remember that the tree is thirsty!

Tip #3: Feed your tree clean water

Maintaining the water content in the tree is crucial to the care and handling of your tree. Most Christmas Tree stands should hold at least 1 gallon of water. In one week, a freshly cut tree will imbibe a large amount of water fairly quickly, so it is important that you replenish the water supply daily. And stay away from additives, because they are not imperative to tree maintenance.

Fun fact: The outer layers of wood should not be removed because they are responsible for soaking up the necessary amount of water to keep the tree fresh and healthy.

Tip #4: Keep your tree away from heaters, fireplaces, and direct sunlight

There is nothing worse than a dry tree, or even worse is a tree that catches on fire. So, please keep your tree away from dangerous heat sources. It would also be beneficial to keep room temperatures on low to prevent fast drying.

Fun Fact: You may use any temperature of water to feed your tree. It has little to no effect on the tree’s water consumption.

Hope this blog was helpful, and remember, just like you need water for survival, so does your tree!


Happy Holidays!