Safe Christmas Tree Disposals

So, the glasses of egg nog are empty, cookies are tucked away in your tummy, wrapping paper has been recycled, now what about your Christmas Tree?

I know, it’s so hard to say goodbye to the tree that became part of the family. But here are some important steps to safely dispose of your Christmas Tree this season:

Step #1: Research your city’s Christmas Tree Recycling policies

Many cities have recycling programs that feature drop-off locations, or specified days for curb pick-ups.

Step #2: Remove all Decorations

It was so much fun to create a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece of a Christmas Tree, so why not make it a fun tear-down? Turn up the music!

Make sure all lights and ornaments are removed and stored away safely. Try to take off the majority of any tinsel used as well.

Step #3: Empty all of the Water

You don’t want a gallon of water spilling onto your carpet, do you?

Step #4: Get Some Help!

You can phone a friend, or call us at Big Deahl’s, to haul your tree out of your home.

Step #5: Remove the Tree Stand

Save it in your storage for next Christmas.

Step #6: Cut Tall Trees in Half

Different cities have varying regulations, but generally speaking, trees over 6 feet should be cut in half. You can also cut it down into smaller pieces to fit into your green waste trash can.


Remember, your Christmas Tree is a valuable part of the holiday tradition. It is important to take good care of it while on display, but also when the Christmas music stops and the New Year begins!