Super Bowl LI

Football brings people together.

Even in the pit of the biggest rivalries, football unites people for a common purpose in the form of: competition, strategy, and entertainment. It’s also a time to zone out from life’s stresses, and simply have a good time!

Whether you are a loyal fan of one of the most successful teams in NFL history, the New England Patriots, or cheering for the Atlanta Falcons, the Super Bowl is an opportunity to celebrate and yell at the TV as if the players and coaches can hear you!

So what are the ingredients for a successful Super Bowl party?

Well, a big-screen TV, for one.

And if you don’t own one? Find someone who does, or better yet, scout out a restaurant or bar that offers multiple screens.

Secondly, food and drinks. Prepare for the hunger and thirst that accompany commercials for Doritos, beer, pizza, Pepsi, and chicken wings, by stocking up the buffet.

Is a theme in order?

Jerseys, face paint, team colors… it all works together to create a fun ambiance for your party.

Head over to Pinterest and check out the many creative ideas for cocktails and party platters. Or better yet, find a local restaurant or grocery store deli that can prepare it for you!

And in the spirit of competitive sports, why not create your own contest? Who can eat the most Doritos every time a Doritos commercial comes on the television?

And don’t forget to have a huge dance party during the Halftime Show. Put on your best Lady Gaga outfit and let all of your inhibitions fly out the door!

The Super Bowl is a time to let loose, and enjoy the people around you. Make it count by offering an awesome experience to your friends and family.