We are 2 months into the New Year (wow, how time flies!)  

As movers, our resolution is to maintain our strength, stamina, and strategies for moving large items in the safest, most effective way possible. The act of moving furniture, safes, and boxes, walking up and down stairs, climbing in and out of trucks and trailers, is a workout in itself. However, if we don’t stay active outside of the job, we can quickly put ourselves in a dangerous position. Some of the best preparation for our job includes exercises that incorporate functional and core strengthening movements, such as yoga, stretching, body-weight training, cardio conditioning, and resistance training.

And who keeps us accountable? All of our loyal clients that need us to be healthy in order to perform the best move in history!

If  you are still on track with at least ONE of  your resolutions, raise your hand. If you are raising your hand, kudos to you, because it takes true commitment and hard work to stay consistent and on track!

Now, if  you are like me, and didn’t raise your hand, it’s not too late to regroup and get focused again.

Let’s all grab a piece of paper and pen because it’s time for an activity! Sometimes writing things down helps us cement our goals and visions.

If you are on track with your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to write down 3 action items you will do to stay on track. For example, if you vowed to exercise 5 times a week, plot out your workout schedule for the upcoming week. Or, if you decided to spend more time with your family, jot down an event or activity you want to participate in this month to make that happen.

If  you are not on track, I want you to write down what got in the way of you sticking to the resolution. Because, before we can move forward and make a change, we have to understand the past and present circumstances. Once you have reflected on that, it’s time to reclaim your resolution, or alter it to fit your reality. Then map out 3 action items you will do in the next week to make this happen.

Once you have that written down, I want you to post it up somewhere in your house or office, a place that you will look at regularly as a reminder.

Get your family and/or friends involved with this activity! We can all use a little refresher from time to time.

What better way to stay on track then to have someone keep you accountable, and vice versa?

It’s never too late to start again. Let’s take it one day at a time. One goal at a time.

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